Tetikçinin Oğlu Episode 2: Summary

Tetikçinin Oğlu Episode 2

Tetikçinin Olu (The Trigger’s Son) gets a brand-new trailer for the second episode. In the climactic scene, Alexander shoots Korkmaz’s son Metin as he and Skender square off. What happened in the April 18th episode? With its first episode, the Tetikçinin Oglu television series, which made an ambitious debut on screens, won over viewers. Everyone gave the series, which starred Evket Oruh and Timuçin Esen, top marks for its actors and compelling theme.

Every Tuesday, Tetikçinin Olu, a series produced by 03 Medya and Same Film, welcomes viewers to FOX. The series’ second episode, which will air the following week, already has a trailer available. Here is Tetikçinin Olu’s second trailer. The Shooter’s Son, directed by Yaz Alp Akaydn and Emre Ayberk, immediately established itself as one of the boldest projects. The series, which airs on FOX TV every week, has published the teaser for its second installment.

For a long time, Skender and Korkmaz have been good friends. After a time, Skender assumes the role of Korkmaz’s hitman. Additionally, Skender became the largest in the industry and a figure everyone feared due to Korkmaz. In contrast, Yigit, Iskender’s son, accepts a job to gain his father’s approval, but the scheme fails. After losing his kid, Skender urges Korkmaz to discover the killer.

When Korkmaz discovers the killer is his son, everything changes. When Skender and Korkmaz square off, Alexander shoots Metin, Korkmaz’s son. Iskender sustains damage due to this battle, and Korkmaz and his son manage to flee. Skender mobilizes everyone to locate Korkmaz. Korkmaz enlists Huri to assist him in concealing his son. Alexander will once again be in their path. Here are the Tetikçinin Olu episode and the trailer for the second episode.

Summary of Tetikinin Olu Episode 2

To defend his son Metin, whom he discovered years later, Korkmaz puts his life through its most challenging test. Alexander saves Metin after a fantastic battle, but Alexander is now on their throat. By carefully following, Alexander helps Metin and Korkmaz shrink the circle. A surprising name will save Korkmaz and Metin, who cannot breathe due to their strain. Sibel and Erol are in danger, while Metin, who has spent a long time without a father, finds it challenging to embrace Korkmaz.

Tetikçinin Oğlu Episode 2
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Iskender is confronted by Korkmaz, who begs him to give his kid one final opportunity. When he least expects it, Metin finds himself in front of Alexander as he struggles to defend his loved ones. On Tuesday, April 18th at 8:00 PM, Tetikçinin Olu (The Shooter’s Son) with Episode 2 will air on FOX TV. Read also the summary of Fedakar (The Devoted) Episode 11.

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