Sakla Beni (Hide Me): Filming Locations and Set Details

Sakla Beni (Hide Me)


In the exciting world of television series, one question often piques the curiosity of fans and enthusiasts: where was their favourite show filmed? The same goes for the highly anticipated TV series “Sakla Beni” (Hide Me), which is set to grace our screens.

Directed by Nadim Güç and featuring the talents of Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Cemre Baysel, this series has generated quite a buzz. In this article, we’ll delve into the filming locations of Sakla Beni, including the address of İncila’s house, to satisfy your inquisitive minds.

Where is Sakla Beni TV Series Filmed?

The cityscape of a TV series often plays a significant role in shaping its narrative. For “Sakla Beni,” the chosen backdrop is none other than the enchanting city of Istanbul. Istanbul was the preferred location due to its cultural and historical richness, providing a vibrant canvas for the series. Additionally, filming in Istanbul offers cost-effective advantages.

While the series encompasses various districts and streets throughout Istanbul, some notable areas, like Beşiktaş and Galata, have been chosen as key locations for shooting. The breathtaking scenes and captivating settings within these districts promise to bring a unique charm to the show.

Where is Incila’s Home in the TV Series Sakla Beni?

As the heart of the series, Istanbul is not only the backdrop for “Sakla Beni” but also the home of the lead character, İncila (played by Cemre Baysel). The city’s diverse districts will serve as the backdrop for various scenes, enhancing the visual and emotional experience for the audience.

However, the precise district where İncila’s house is located remains a mystery until the series officially begins. As of now, we are eagerly awaiting the show’s premiere to uncover the exact address of İncila’s home. Once it is revealed, we will promptly update this page to keep you informed.

Where are the Filming Locations of Sakla Beni Series?

For those eager to dive deeper into the world of “Sakla Beni,” the recently released trailer provides some valuable insights. The series showcases the stunning city of Istanbul as its primary filming location. The decision to shoot in Istanbul is primarily due to the convenience of having the actors and set staff based in the city, making production more efficient.

The series is set to utilize various locations in Istanbul to create a rich and dynamic visual narrative. Beşiktaş and Galata are expected to be central to the show’s captivating scenes and breathtaking settings, promising an immersive experience for viewers.

Sakla Beni (Hide Me)
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As the anticipation for “Sakla Beni” continues to build, we’ve uncovered some exciting details about the series’ filming locations. Istanbul, with its cultural heritage and scenic beauty, forms the perfect backdrop for the show. The charming districts of Beşiktaş and Galata are set to add an extra layer of allure to the series, making it a must-watch for fans.

Stay tuned for the series premiere, as it holds the key to unveiling the address of İncila’s home, a mystery that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. “Sakla Beni” promises to be an unforgettable journey through the captivating streets and stories of Istanbul.

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