Hazal Subaşı: A Brief Biography and Profile of the Turkish Actress

Hazal Subaşı

Figen Kutlu, a pivotal character in the television series Dilek Taşı, has captivated the audience’s attention with her compelling presence. The nature of Figen, portrayed by the talented actress Hazal Subaşı, has left viewers intrigued, wondering about the actress’s age, her previous roles, and, most importantly, the role she plays in Dilek Taşı. In this article, we dive into the enigmatic world of Figen, shedding light on her character, the actress behind her, and the intriguing synopsis of Dilek Taşı.

Figen Kutlu: The Character

Figen Kutlu is a character that graces the screens in Dilek Taşı. She is a twenty-four-year-old woman, the elder daughter of Asuman and Ömer, both esteemed figures at the Rona Mansion. Figen is actively involved in the daily operations of the mansion, displaying a compassionate, loving nature and a strong aversion to injustice. Her life takes a dramatic turn on the eve of her marriage to Kenan when she encounters Cemre and Mustafa.

Dilek Taşı: A Brief Introduction

Dilek Taşı, produced by Pastel Film, is a highly acclaimed television series making waves this season. Aired on Channel D every Thursday evening, this series, now in its fourth episode, takes viewers on a journey back to the 1980s. It’s a period drama that stars Salih Bademci and Hazal Subaşı and offers a compelling narrative.

The Synopsis of Dilek Taşı

The heart of Dilek Taşı lies in its intriguing story, combining elements of drama and love. It revolves around the life of Mustafa Yılmaz, who resides in an Istanbul slum with his wife, Canan, and daughter, Cemre. Canan is seriously ill and desperately needs surgery, prompting Mustafa to seek the necessary funds. His pursuit leads him back to the factory where he and his wife once worked, setting the stage for a life-altering series of events.

Tragedy strikes when Mustafa loses his wife, leaving him alone to care for their daughter, Cemre. As fate would have it, he crosses paths with Figen, an integral character working at Rona Mansion. This encounter sets in motion a chain of events that will irrevocably impact the lives of Mustafa, Cemre, and Figen.

Meet Hazal Subaşı: The Actress Behind Figen

Hazal Subaşı, the talented and beautiful actress who brings Figen Kutlu to life in Dilek Taşı, was born on May 2, 1995, in Izmir. Her journey into acting was paved after completing her primary, secondary, and high school education. Notably, she secured the third position in the Miss Turkey competition, showcasing her charisma and charm. Subsequently, she embarked on her acting career, ultimately landing the role of Figen in Dilek Taşı.

Hazal Subaşı
Image Via www.hurriyet.com.tr

Hazal Subaşı’s Impressive Portfolio

Before taking on the role of Figen, Hazal Subaşı graced various television series with her talent. Her noteworthy contributions include functions in Adını Sen Koy, Bir Umut Yeter, Halka, Çukur, Kasaba Doktoru, Bizi Ayıran Çizgi, Sıcak Kafa, Kötü Adamın 10 Günü, Meraklı Adamın 10 Günü, and Ölüm Kime Yakışır.

In conclusion, Dilek Taşı, with its captivating characters like Figen, portrayed by Hazal Subaşı, offers a unique and engaging viewing experience. The series promises to continue enthralling audiences with its dramatic storyline set against the backdrop of the 1980s. As the story unfolds, Figen’s character will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the other characters’ lives, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode. Also read the summary of Yalı Çapkını Episode 41.

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