Disney Plus’s New Series “Aktris (The Actress)”: First Trailer

Aktris (The Actress)

The first trailer for the new “Aktris (The Actress)” series on Disney Plus has been revealed! Watch the Aktris Series’ First Trailer here. Actress, a new original series on Disney Plus starring Pnar Deniz and Uraz Kayglarolu, has debuted its first teaser. A new one gets added to Disney Plus’s regional programming. The first advertisement for the Pnar Deniz-starring TV show “Actress” has been made public.

It starts on May 31. It will be shown in Turkey and many other countries through Disney Plus. The series’ screenplay was written by Hakan Bonomo, produced by BKM, and directed by Soner Caner. The cast of the thriller-crime-comedy type “Actress” series, which stars Pnar Deniz and Uraz Kayglarolu, also includes Tolga Tekin, Ahmet Rfat Ungar, ebnem Hassanisoughi, pek içek, and Serhat Klç. The first advertisement for the jointly produced series by Pnar Deniz and Uraz Kayglarolu has been made public.

As part of the advertising, Yasemin Derin’s (Pnar Deniz) many emotional shifts in front of the mirror heighten viewers’ interest in the plot and hint at the potential for conflict. Deniz and Kayglarolu are part of the cast of the thriller-crime-comedy actress, produced by BKM, directed by Soner Caner, and written by Hakan Bonomo. Other notable actors include Tolga Tekin, Ahmet Rfat Ungar, Abnem Hassanisoughi, Pek Içek, and Serhat Klç.

Aktris (The Actress)
Image Via youtube.com @Disney+ Türkiye

The original series Actress, which blends elements of crime, mystery, and humor, will debut with the audience exclusively on Disney + on May 31. We will see the fast transitions of Turkey’s most renowned star in the bright world during the day and the dark world at night. Read also the summary of Esaret (Captivity) Episode 89.

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