Bir Derdim Var Turkish Drama: Synopsis, Cast, Filming Location, and Release Date

Bir Derdim Var


The buzz around the Turkish drama series “Bir Derdim Var” is reaching a fever pitch. With a talented team behind the scenes and a stellar cast, fans eagerly await its premiere. This article will explore the show’s synopsis, cast, filming location, and anticipated release date.

Synopsis of Bir Derdim Var

“Bir Derdim Var” stars the brilliant Birce Akalay as Doctor Nilüfer and the talented Mert Fırat as Prosecutor Ömer. This series will shine a light on the challenges faced by young people during their adolescence.

In the gripping trailer for “Bir Derdim Var,” which takes a fresh perspective on the struggles of teenagers and their families, Dr. Nilüfer (Birce Akalay) offers this thought-provoking insight: “The only way to end suffering is not to end life.” This teaser showcases her extending a helping hand to a troubled young man.

In a dramatic confrontation between Prosecutor Ömer (Mert Fırat) and Dr. Nilüfer, the doctor asserts, “I am trying to save those children you consider lost,” affirming her unwavering commitment to the youth. The trailer also hints at the intense conflicts between Dr. Nilüfer and Prosecutor Ömer as she attempts to heal the wounds of young people her way.

Is “Bir Derdim Var” an Adaptation?

Contrary to some speculation, “Bir Derdim Var” is not an adaptation of the Italian TV series ‘Oltre La Soglia’ (On The Brink). It stands as an original work.

The Cast of “Bir Derdim Var”

The filming of “Bir Derdim Var,” featuring the exceptional Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat, is progressing rapidly. The ensemble cast of this series, adapted from the Italian production ‘Oltre La Soglia’ (On The Brink), includes:

  1. Birce Akalay
  2. Mert Fırat
  3. Engin Hepileri
  4. Neslihan Arslan
  5. Başak Gümülcinelioğlu
  6. Erdem Şenocak
  7. İdil Sivritepe
  8. Sami Aksu
  9. Sennur Nogaylar
  10. Young talents: Eylül Ersöz, Ata Artman, Ava Yaman, Esila Umut, Ataberk Mutlu, Ezgi Gör, and Efe Poylu.


Bir Derdim Var
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Bir Derdim Var Release Date

As of now, the premiere date for “Bir Derdim Var” remains shrouded in mystery. However, fans can anticipate its arrival next month.

Bir Derdim Var Team Production

The production of “Bir Derdim Var” is in expert hands. Aytekin Ataş has crafted the music for the series, offering a fitting soundtrack to explore the intricate world of teenagers. For the first time, Mor ve Ötesi takes on the role of music supervisor, adding an exciting dimension to the project.

The series is directed by Burak Müjdeci, with the adaptation design by Duygu Ertekin. Yekta Torun is the mastermind behind the script, and Deniz Gürlek also plays a crucial role in the writing team.

In Conclusion

“Bir Derdim Var” is set to captivate audiences with its compelling story, exceptional cast, and top-notch production team. Stay tuned for its release, as it promises to be a gripping addition to Turkish drama.

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